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Evol - Dreamquest

Name: Evol
Formed in: 1993
Country: Italy (Padua, Veneto)
Genre(s): Atmospheric Medieval/Folk Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s): Medieval Times, Philosophy, H.P. Lovecraft
Disc: Dreamquest
Year: 1996
Giordano Bruno (Prince of Agony) - Vocals, Keyboards
Suspiria (Princess of Disease) - Female Vocals
Samael Von Martin (Lord of Sorrow) - Guitar
T-Rex (Marquis of Rex Tenebrae) - Bass
Demian de Saba (Count of Insanity) - Drums

1. Dreamquest [Il Monito di Nasht e Kaman-Thah] 02:44
2. Sad Doom of a Dark Soul [Chutulusumgal's Presence] 02:40
3. Sona-Nyl [Il Regno Della Fantasia] 03:26
4. Flying With the Night-Gaunts 03:30
5. Celephaïss [Barocco Veneziano] 04:22
6. The Ancient King of Ice [Mighty Yugsuduk] 05:05
7. Sarkomand [La Legendaria] 02:38
8. Darkmere [The Heart of Darkness] 02:37
9. Ulthar [La Citta dei Gatti] 02:53
10. Dark Stairs of R'Lyeh [The Grey Temple of Leng] 07:12
11. Cathuria [Oltre le Colonne di Basalto] 03:27
12. The Black Crystal of Astar 10:25
13. ...Verso la Città del Tramonto [L'Inganno di Nyarlathotep] 07:42

Total playing time 58:41

credits: Gaamalzagoth 

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