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Black Funeral - Vampyr - Throne of the Beast

Name: Black Funeral
Formed in: 1993
Country: United States of America (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Genre(s): Black Metal/Dark Ambient
Lyrical theme(s): Darkness, Mysticism, Evil, Vampyrism, Satanism
Disc: Vampyr - Throne of the Beast  
Year: 1996
Baron Drakkonian Abaddon (Michael Ford Nachttoter) - Vocals, Bass, Machine Sounds
Marchozelos - Guitar, Bass, Drums
J. Deimos Kahn Demiurge - Guitar

1. Ex Sanguini Draculae    02:44
2. The Floating Blue Witchlight    04:15
3. Valley Of The Shadow    02:36
4. Spectral Agony Of Pain And Loneliness    04:04
5. Vampyr - Throne Of The Beast    03:54
6. Spirit Of The Werewolf    02:08
7. Rising From A Dishonored Grave    03:49
8. Of Dark And Crimson Spheres    03:59

Total playing time    27:29

credits: Gaamalzagoth 

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